" La Madonnina "

San Giovanni Rotondo

Via Novelli 21 - 71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 0882452337 338.3424615

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions that our clients ask. If you have any other questions to ask, use our forms at this link: CONTACT US or use the LIVE CHAT at the bottom of the page.

{slider title=" How far is it to the Sanctuary/Church or the Hospital?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

To see where we are, click on the following link:  MAP [icon]fa-map-marker[/icon]

Our structure is only 10 minutes on foot from the Sanctuary / Shrine of San Pio da Pietrelcina and from the Hospital Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza.

In fact, for theis reason most of our clients go there on foot, leaving their car in our car park.

For those who have difficulty walking, we are close to public services.  It is also possible to take a taxi - we can provide all the information you need.

{slider title=" Do you have parking?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Of course.  We have ample parking which is free - included in the price of the room.

It is in a fenced-off area, not visible from the main road, and only accessible to us and our clients.

{slider title=" What is an 'Affittacamere'?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

An "affittacamere" is very much similar to a hotel.

Our rooms are exactly what you'd expect from any Hotel, with the same services, but we have no canteen / bar.

We do, however, have an automatic snacks and drinks machine, accessible 24h a day, for cold/hot drinks and snack, which can also be comfortably used for breakfast.

{slider title=" Are animals/pets allowed?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Dogs and cats (and other pets) are welcome, so long as you abide to the following rules:

  • They must be small in size - no bigger than a common Yorkshire Terrier;
  • They mustn't ever be left unattended (or alone in the rooms);
  • They must not go on the beds or in the bathrooms;
  • The must have all the accessories necessary in order to avoid dirtying the rooms and the exterior parts of the structure.

{slider title=" Does the price include breakfast?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

No.  We do not provide any kind of food / restaurant service.

We do, however, have an automatic snacks and drinks machine, accessible 24h a day, for cold/hot drinks and snack, which can also be comfortably used for breakfast.

{slider title=" Where can we eat?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

We do not provide any kind of food / restaurant service.  However, we are near to and well served by numerous bars, restaurants, pizzerias, inns, self-serivce restaurants etc..., which are eaily accessible and close enough to go on foot.

We will be pleased to provide information.

{slider title=" Is there internet access / wifi?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Yes.  You can access our WIFI from within the rooms.  The cost is included in the price of the room, so there is no additional cost.

{slider title=" Is smoking allowed in the rooms?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

No.  Smoking is not allowed in any of the rooms.

All the rooms, however, access the outside of the building directly, where you will be free to smoke..

{slider title=" Can you accomodate people on wheelchairs?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Of course we can !

All our rooms  have access ramps for people on wheelchairs, or for those who have difficulty walking.

The bathrooms have been designed considering wheelchair manouvers.

In the past we've already had clients with physical disabilities, and have never had any problems.

{slider title=" What time do I have to be back in the evening/night?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

You can come back to your room at ay time, even at night.

In fact, when you arrive you'll receive keys for your room and for the gate. To enter the parking area, you'll need to call us so that we can open the automatic electric gate for you - we're available at all times.

{slider title=" What time can I check in?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

The rooms must be left by 10am on the departure day, therefore the rooms will be availale again from 14.00, after cleaning.

If, however, you plan to arrive before 14.00, if you communicate this to us it may be possible to give the room immediately (if it's ready).

It's clear that we need time to make up the rooms, so from 10am (when the rooms keys are handed over to us) we need a few hours to get them ready again. In any case, the rooms will always be ready by 14.00.

{slider title=" Are there any problems if I arrive late? (check-in)" class="slider-title" open="false"}

There is no problem at all.  From 14.00 we are always ready to give the rooms to our clients, and you can take the room at any time, including at night.  If you think you'll be arriving late, it is a good idea to let us know.

{slider title=" What time must I leave the room? (check-out)" class="slider-title" open="false"}

LThe rooms should be freed by 10am on the morning of departure.

You can, however, still continue using the car park even until the afternoon. It is just important to free the room in the morning, so that we can make them up.

{slider title=" What documents do I need to check in?  Is an ID required?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

You will need some form of identification (National ID Card, Passport etc) in order to check in.

{slider title=" When should I book my room?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

It is a good idea to book as soon as you are sure that you will be needing to stay in San Giovanni Rotondo.

This is especially the case in the summer, during festivitiesm when more people come to San Giovanni Rotondo in pilgrimage or for the hospital.

LASTMINUTE: If you haven't booked, don't worry!  Sometimes changes are made right up to the very last moment, so if you haven't managed to find a room, try again, you might just be lucky!

{slider title=" How much does a room cost?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Check out our prices HERE

{slider title=" Are there discounts for children" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Yes, there are!  Check out our prices and discounts  HERE

{slider title=" Is there a Tourist Tax?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Yes, there is.  The tax (which does not go to us, but is paid into the local government's accounts by us) is applied for a maximum of three days costing € 1,50 per person per night.

The foloowing do not pay the Tourist Tax :

a. Children under 12;
b. Disabled persons and accompaniment (max 2 – parents and other)
c. ABus drivers and tourist guides with organised groups;
d. Armed Forces who work in San Giovanni Rotondo;
e. People who are using the hospitals in the territory;
f. Residents of San Giovanni Rotondo;
g. A.I.R.E. (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti Estero).

{slider title=" Do you provide sheets, towels etc...?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Yes, of course.

Yes. The rooms are the same as what you'd expect from a hotel, providing sheets, towels, pillows etc.

In the bathrooms you will also find soap and shampoo.

{slider title=" Do you provide soap, shampoo and towels?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

Yes, of course.

In the bathrooms you will find soap and shampoo, and also towels and toilet paper.  Everything you need for your stay will be provided.

Each room has a hair-dryer.

{slider title=" Do the rooms have TVs?" class="slider-title" open="false"}


Each rooms has a 32" colour LCD flat-screen TV with digital channels.

{slider title=" How can I contact you?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

There are numerous ways to get in touch with us.

The easiest and fastest way is to call us (+39 0882452337 or +39 338.3424615).

You can also use our LIVE CHAT at the bottom of the page.

In addition, you can write to us with directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using our online form HERE.

{slider title=" What is the difference between 'matrimonial' and 'twin' rooms?" class="slider-title" open="false"}

A "matrimonial" bed is for two people in one, king-sized bed.

A "twin" room is also for two people, in two separate single beds.

{slider title=" Do you have air conditioning?" class="slider-title" open="false"}


Air conditioning is available at an additional cost of €5,00 per room per night. You can choose whether to use it based on the weather. The building is well heat insulated and we also provide fans for those who require extra cooling (free of charge).

{slider title=" Do you have a  FaceBook page?" class="slider-title" open="false"}


To see our page, click on this link: FaceBook